Welcome to VIMS

Vision & Mission


Venkateshwara Institute of Medical Sciences aspires to emerge as one of the foremost medical schools in the country and provide excellent educational, research, specialty and primary care opportunities in the region to become a leader in research discoveries and improve scientific knowledge; using it to improve patient care and incorporate it in practice towards prevention of diseases to be identified as an Institution known for integrity, ethical and professional conduct.


To provide evidence-based clinical care to the attending patients & public health services to the neighboring community and to undertake such research program which addresses the prevailing health problems and whose outcome can be translated to a functional service package & program benefiting individuals and the community at large.



To produce knowledgeable, caring and competent students by imparting knowledge and skills that will encourage and enable practice of ethical and scientifically-based health care with a high level of Skill and Social Responsibility.

To create a teaching and learning environment to help students develop their own learning styles and ability to use academic resources while reflecting on their experience. The medical course is designed to develop and maintain lifelong patterns of appropriate professional behavior.

To synthesize and integrate knowledge gained from several disciplines into plausible explanations for clinically related problems or situations and develop effective wellness strategies through:

  • Data collection- both through patient history and physical examination.
  • Procedural and analytical skills.
  • Proper use of technology.
  • Arriving at an effective diagnostic plan.
  • Critical appraisal, interpretation, and application of scientific knowledge to clinical practice.
  • Practice learning as a lifelong commitment.
  • Empathy towards patients-given their biological, social and psychological needs, their families and the society at large.

Develop a deep sense of responsibility toward professional life while pursuing and achieving excellence.