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Associate Professor Dr. Bhimsen Tyagi
Associate Professor Dr. Supriti
Associate Professor Dr. Arshad Husain Zagoo
Assistant Professor Dr. Pankaj Kumar
Assistant Professor Dr. Rahul Sharma
Assistant Professor Dr. Annu M
Assistant Professor Dr. Neha
Tutor Dr. Suryam Vishnoi
Tutor Dr. Satendra Singh
Tutor Dr. Ahtsham Hussain
Tutor Dr. Bal Krishan Singh
Tutor Dr. Soniya Singh
Tutor Dr. Arpita Pandey


  • The broad goal of teaching Anatomy is to prepare students with the basic knowledge of structure and its correlation with function, growth and development of the human body and to apply the knowledge in clinical practice.


  • Band of young and enthusiastic teachers
  • Group of dedicated and committed technical and non-teaching staff
  • Active participation in all university and college related assignments
  • Culture of discipline and cleanliness
  • Excellent infrastructure and facilities
  • Maintaining a top-grade Museum

Future plans

  • Developing E-Learning modules on VIMS e-Learn, the Institution’s Learning Management System.
  • To make the subject more challenging and produce more dynamic and enthusiastic anatomists.