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The department of Clinical Microbiology engages in teaching of undergraduate students of MBBS
course and provide Clinical Diagnostic services.

Teaching Learning amenities: The department is well equipped with Laboratory for student learning.
The Laboratory is well stocked with reagents, chemicals, media and glassware required for the
demonstration and performance of exercises as inscribed in the NMC CBME curriculum. The
laboratory has sufficient numbers of binocular light microscope for student learning. The
department follows the OSPE pattern of conducting practical’s requiring skill acquisition. The
department focus on holistic learning and gives importance to greater student involvement in
learning process. The didactic lectures are kept to a minimum and student centric activities such as
seminars, small group discussions, assignments are given priority. In addition to prescribed internal
assessments, mid-course evaluations at regular intervals are held and feedback given.

Clinical Diagnostic services: The service laboratories provide diagnostic services such as culture and
sensitivity of Aerobic bacteria and pathogenic fungi. The Clinical laboratory is equipped with
automated machine for serology, blood cultures and Infectious disease identification. The
automated systems available include BactAlert, CLIA, ELISA system. Further, the BSL II Laboratory, as
per NMC mandatory requirement, is fully functional and accredited by the NABL. The BSL II
laboratory provides rapid molecular diagnosis of common viral disease including hepatitis B and C
viral load, SARSCoA.

Faculty: The faculty are from diverse background and have wide experience in areas of teaching and
clinical services.

Professor & HOD (Dean Academics) Dr. Sanjeev H BHat
Associate Professor Dr. Shalini Gupta
Associate Professor Dr. Deepali Gupta
Associate Professor Dr. Rati Saxena
Assistant Professor Dr. Cheni Khan
Assistant Professor Dr. Sarita Rawat
Assistant Professor Dr. Faria Ashraf
Assistant Professor Dr. Pinaki Shrikant Patil
Assistant Professor Mrs. Reena Joshi
Tutor Dr. Rupali Jadun
Tutor Dr. Mohit
Tutor Dr. Subham Gaurav
Tutor Dr. Salman Khan
Tutor Dr. Kehkesarana


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